Secondary Schools – more opportunities for your pupils

With a minibus constantly on hand, arranging school trips is easier. Getting out of school for a visit or experience makes learning more multi-sensory, exciting and memorable. Great trips, whether they’re for sport or the sights, become a school talking point and a favourite for everyone.

Our secondary school minibus leasing service gets top marks: we organise driving training for any of your secondary school staff – or you can use Minibus Lite with no need for a D1 licence. We’ll pick up and drop off your minibus for servicing and MOTs. And help is just one call away in the event of a flat tyre or a breakdown – we’ll even make sure you have transport back to school or to your destination.

The first step is talking over your secondary school’s needs. Then we propose the best minibus leasing deal or solution at an affordable monthly price. This easy-to-budget fixed cost for your lease hire includes everything except fuel and insurance. There are no hidden extras. Guaranteed.

Interested in Minibus Lite?
Drive on an ordinary car licence!

Secondary School Minibus Leasing
Organised Driver Training
We can organise professional driver training courses for your leased secondary school minibus. This ensures that the right staff have a D1 minibus licence, and help you through the examination and certification process. Remember, with our Minibus Lite, no D1 licence is required. Instead, the relevant staff can attend the thorough MiDAS training course to ensure they have the skills and confidence to drive Minibus Lite.

Get on the road with Bentley Walker Minibus Leasing

Trust us for the best expertise, service & value
  • Enjoy the right minibus at the right price – we’re secondary schools specialists
  • Your school minibus is vital – we’ll make sure it stays roadworthy and legal
  • Wherever you are located in the UK, we can help
  • Delivered to your door plus on-site servicing
  • Our support and aftercare makes all the difference
  • Plus we’re very easy to work with!
Just wanted to write and thank you for all the advice you gave us with our recent minibus leasing. We're very pleased to have taken delivery now.
Robin Mehta
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